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If you ever wondered how you can accept recurring payments in Venmo, you need to read this article. Can accept monthly payments when using Venmo? What other options do I have to accept payments? Actually, using a simple workaround, you can accept recurring payments from your friends and customers. This not only includes Venmo but […]

Are you looking for the best social media strategies for your church?. Social media for churches is really important. But even more important is converting your church website visitors into paying parishioners. Before we start, you have to ask yourself. What are you really looking for when trying to position your church on social media?. […]

Are you looking to create a Checkout Page to sell your service online?. Delivering a good checkout experience is really important in order to convert more customers. But how can you create a Checkout that’s both professional looking and also easy to build–mostly when you don’t have much time. The first thing we should ask […]

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