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About us

Why PayForm was created?

We believe time is our most precious gift. Everything we do, we do to give entrepreneurs more time to share their ideas with the world.

So we built a tool to make sure our builders are never wasting time chasing money, they are counting it. With simple, effective, effortless online payment tools that used to be only available to big business.

To bring this payment automation technology to people that otherwise would be wasting time is what motivated us to build a simple and easy to use solution.

Empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their time

We believe time is the most valuable asset, and we build tools that help you save it. Tools that help you achieve your dreams without compromising your life and that allow businesses and non-profits to grow, changing lives in the process.

Jay Wilburn, Founder

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time

Jim Rohn

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People all over the world trust PayForm for selling services and digital content online.

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