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Try PayForm using the demos we have created below. These demos will give you a taste on how checkout forms and member areas made in PayForm work.

Payment forms

How do I build a payment form?
It's very easy to build your own payment form in PayForm. Just get started using our simple editor and you will be set in minutes. You can customize these forms to fit your business needs easily.
Does PayForm provide templates?

Yes, we provide templates so you can get started designing your own payment form easily. You can also customize every detail of the form, and even embed your own HTML code.

Most of our templates also feature a two-step form to capture the lead information.
Do I have access to the submitted form information?
Of course! You can review the data submitted by the user in our Dashboard and in Stripe (in case of forms connected to that gateway). Also, with our Zapier integration you can export this form data to thousands of other applications.
Can I host the forms in my own domain?
Yes, you can connect your forms to your own domain creating a subdomain and then adding it to PayForm (in Settings). You can then edit your forms to be visible under your domain (Advanced settings).
Can I embed only the payment form in my existing page?
Of course! If you decide you don't need the complete form, you can just embed the payment section of the form. To do this, select Embed inside the PayForm Dashboard.
Can I offer free trials or other advanced recurrence settings
Sure, PayForm has the flexibility to provide advanced subscription settings like trials, set-up fees and even three-month and six-month subscriptions. We are also adding new recurrence settings frequently to the platform.
Does PayForm work in mobile devices
Our forms are optimized to work in all type of devices, regardless of the screen. Also, our editor offers you the option to preview and edit the design in several screen sizes.

Member areas

How can I create a Members area?
Member areas are available to all subscribers of the Full and Pro plans. Just visit the Members Area section in the dashboard to get started
How do I add content to my members area
You can easily add content from several sources like Dropbox, Amazon S3 (and other compatible storages like Digital Ocean Spaces or Wasabi), and several other integrations.
Can I point multiple payment forms to one members area?
Sure! You can point several forms to any members area. This is great for testing different price points or landing pages.
Can I add my own content from my website to a members area?
Sure! Just make sure your content is served under the HTTPS protocol and the content can be displayed inside an iFrame. We also offer a simple way of protecting your embedded content from external viewers. The procedure is listed in this article.
Is there a limit in the quantity of subscribers?
No, we don't have a limit in the quantity of subscribers to your members area.
Can I let people subscribe for free to my members area?
While this feature is meant for paid memberships, you can easily create a coupon with a 100% discount. This way, chosen users can access your Members area for free.
Is my content protected?
Our platform is optimized for viewing-only. This is meant for making video, image, PDF and audio content less easy to be downloaded by non tech-savvy users. Still, we currently offer DRM for content protection. In the case of self-hosted content, to implement the best protection we recommend following the procedures listed in this article. Feel free to contact Support anytime down the road.

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