7 Local Service Businesses That You Can Start This Week

7 Local Service Businesses That You Can Start This Week

After a busy week of work, the weekend comes and it’s time to start thinking about how we can generate that extra income we are all looking for. In the following article we will give you some business ideas that you can assemble in less than a week to generate extra income in your free time.


1.- Generate income from your knowledge by doing classes

We all have some hobby in which we are good, like playing guitar or doing yoga, or maybe we handle a foreign language very well. Whatever your talent is, it’s a very good option to monetize it by doing classes. You do not need to have an office or classroom, you can do them even in a restaurant, in a park or even at home.


2.- Offer small businesses to Manage Their Social Networks

Are you one of those people who spends a lot of time on Facebook? I have good news for you. Did you know that you can make money while you are on your favorite social networks?. Every day there are more businesses with a fanpage on Facebook, and a lot of them forget to add content. Find online resources to learn and become a CM for brands in your city.


3.- Start a cycling tour business in your city 

If you enjoy cycling, you know your city very well, and you like meeting new people, then this business may be good for you. You only have to create a route of the best tourist spots of your city, and make a small investment buying a pair of bicycles. If you are short of budget you can always rent them. Promote your business in airports or terminals, or leave flyers in the local hostels, so that tourists know about your existence.


4.- Repair computers and appliances

Are you an old school geek? One of those who assembled and disassembled their own computers? Do your friends come to you when they need to fix a problem on their computers or phones? Then, why not charge for repair services, clean OS reinstalls and installation of apps? You can make good money with this. Like Steve jobs said, “technology is an extension of our body”, so why not be like a doctor but for technology.


5.- Create an agency that handles flyers for other businesses

One of the oldest but not that ineffective marketing methods is to distribute flyers. This method works especially in businesses that are in a fixed point of the city. Why not offer them the service of designing, printing and delivering flyers anywhere in the city? You can hire a couple of friends and start an agency all over the city.


6.- Call some friends and set up your own office cleaning business

As you well know, nobody likes to work in a messy space. If you are looking for a recurring income, you could hire a couple of people and start your own office cleaning business. In every city there are a lot of offices, normally in the center of the city, so you could start there to offer the services of your company and charge them monthly.


7.- Be like cupid and make speed dating events in your city

There is a large percentage of the population that is looking for their other half. If you are one of those who love romantic movies and love stories, this business may be for you. You just have to look for a physical space, that you can rent at night, and gather together single people and make them talk to each other in a speed dating mode, and obviously you charge each attendee for going to the event.