Accept donations online in 3 easy steps

Accept donations online in 3 easy steps

Nonprofit organizations often struggle to accept donations online. This is specially complicated with donations using credit cards, as it involves hiring developers and comply with PCI compliance. But obviously, this is a step that every nonprofit organization should do. According to Classy, 72% of all charitable contributions are made by individuals. And as these payments are shifting online, if you don’t step into this bandwagon fast, your nonprofit will start losing money.

We have built a small hands on tutorial on how to accept donations online using PayForm and any website. If you happen to not have a website, you can also send the payment link to the people that wants to donate.

Step #1 – Sign up for a Stripe Account

The first step to accept donations online is to open an account with Stripe. Stripe is one of the leading credit card processors. Also, Stripe has a big advantage as you don’t require to apply for a merchant account. You can also sign-up to a Stripe account through PayForm. This will save you time and you can be up and running in less than a couple of minutes.

Step #2 – Accept donations online using PayForm

PayForm allows you to create simple payment forms in seconds powered by Stripe. You can accept donations online using the “Allow users how much to pay” functionality.

Just create a simple payment form in the PayForm website, and then in the dashboard, check the option to let users donate the amount they want. This will display a simple donation field in the form where users can select the amount they want to donate to your nonprofit easily.

Once the form is ready, you can save it to embed it in your website and share it with your donors.

Step #3 – Lower your costs

Stripe has a special price available for non-profits. If you are based in the US and have the 501c(3) status, you can send a request to lower your fees. This is specially important for non-profits as every dime matters when we’re talking about donations. To get this discount, you should reach Stripe at [email protected] with a small intro about your nonprofit. A Stripe representative will reach you with their special offer for non-profit organizations