Accept online payments without merchant account

Accept online payments without merchant account

Let’s face it, merchant accounts are not for everyone. Sometimes you may have a bad credit score, or perhaps you are trying to cut on banking fees. For whichever reason, there are more and more businesses that are dropping their old merchant accounts. As new technologies evolve, not it’s easier than ever to accept online payments without merchant account. In this article, we’re going to see how take credit cards on your website or social media page, without the hassle.

Accept online payments without merchant account easily

Did you know that actually you don’t need a merchant account to take credit cards? While the most traditional way of accepting them is through a merchant account, there is another way, through an online payments provider. For example, a popular payment provider is Stripe. These type of companies allow you to accept all major credit cards without the hassle of opening a merchant account with a traditional bank. Also, they have  infrastructure ready to accept a high volume of payments, different than regular merchant accounts. For this reason, retailers like Target or apps like Lyft use this type of solutions for their payments.

Opening an account on Stripe is really easy, as you only need a regular bank account. The only problem is that it requires technical knowledge to be integrated. But still, there are awesome tools to sell online, like pre-made shopping cart solutions. But sometimes, hiring a developer to create a full shopping cart solution is too much. This is specially true when you only want to accept online payments without a merchant account.

A simple yet powerful tool that integrates with Stripe and makes it easy to create simple payment forms is PayForm. Payment forms created in PayForm have all the technology to accept payments, as we took care of all the complicated integrations and SSL certificates so you can embed it in any website. It’s a way to make Stripe easier.

Test drive PayForm below. It’s free to get started and no credit card is required.