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How to accept recurring payments in Venmo

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If you ever wondered how you can accept recurring payments in Venmo, you need to read this article. Can accept monthly payments when using Venmo? What other options do I have to accept payments?

Actually, using a simple workaround, you can accept recurring payments from your friends and customers. This not only includes Venmo but any customers. We will see the ultimate way of accepting payments without having to manually collect people.

Why you can’t accept recurring payments in the Venmo app?

We love Venmo. The popularity of this app among US users makes it attractive to offer it as an option. Still, recurring payments in Venmo is only available for big companies in limited release. The availability for the general public is still unknown.

Still, that these types of payments are currently not available in the Venmo app, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your business. For this task, you can use a recurring payment solution like PayForm.

Using a solution like PayForm lets you circumvent the Venmo limitations, allowing you to accept recurring payments directly from your customers. You can sell using credit and debit cards, including the Venmo Debit card. This way, you won’t leave any customer without an option to pay you.

How can I start now using PayForm?

Sign up for PayForm’s free 7 days trial. During the trial period, you can test all the functions in the platform in minutes. In a couple of simple steps, you will have your account completely operational and ready to accept payments easily.

PayForm will guide you in opening a merchant account in either Stripe or PayPal, and connecting it to accept recurring payments without any coding experience. This way you can create beautiful payment forms that allow you to accept payments for any customer, not limited to Venmo.

Feel free to try PayForm and discover why thousands of businesses around the world rely on it to accept payments.

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