New feature: Advanced options for payment forms

New feature: Advanced options for payment forms

We’re proud to announce our new feature available to all users in all plans, Advanced options. You will now be allowed even more control about how subscriptions work in forms with recurring payments (trial periods and set-up fees), and how the form will behave after the payment is completed or rejected.

Activate Advanced options

To activate Advanced options, just trigger the switch in the PayForm editor in your dashboard. Triggering this switch will display all the new options available for configuration.

Success URL and Fail URL

Every time a customer completes a transaction in the form, they will be redirected to this address. They can be in your website or any other website. If you sell digital goods, like an e-book, you can direct your users to a download page where they can get their purchase. If you sell a service, you can automatically redirect to a page with instructions on how to redeem it.

Success URL triggers in case of the transaction is successful and their credit card is correctly charged (in case your subscription has a trial period, it also means their free trial has started). You can also leave it blank to redirect the users back to the form.

Fail URL triggers in case the transaction is rejected. The user already knows the reason of the rejection so you can tell them to retry the payment, or just leave it blank to redirect the users back to the form.

Product or service Advanced Settings button

The new settings buttons adds more control to configure all the details of your subscriptions. You can now configure a set-up fee, and also, offer a free trial period in case of recurrent transactions. To configure these settings just tap on the Settings button.

Product and service recurrence

Configures the recurrence of your subscription, just like the basic recurrence dropdown. When set in None, that’s the only setting you will be able to configure as the other advanced options are subscription-related.

Set-up fee

This option allows you to configure a set-up fee that will be charged only once at the beginning of the subscription. The set-up fee will be charged together with the first installment of the subscription.

For example, if your subscription is $99/mo and your set-up fee is $200, the first invoice of the subscription will be $299 that will be charged automatically unless you set-up a trial period. If you set-up a trial period, those $299 will be charged after the trial period ends.

Free trial period

This option allows you to configure a free trial period before the subscription starts. This free trial can be any period of days, months of years.