Automatic billing software for entrepreneurs and SMBs

Automatic billing software for entrepreneurs and SMBs

While big companies and enterprises have a lot of Automatic billing software options to accept recurring payments, this is not the same for Small businesses and Entrepreneurs. The requirements for these type of businesses is different than what, for example, an enterprise business needs. In this article, we’re going to explore why your small business or you, as an entrepreneur, may need an automatic billing software. Also, we’ll see how PayForm can help you get started in no time.

What is automatic billing software?

Automatic billing software is the type of technology that big companies use to generate charges for their customers every month. This, combined with credit card processing, can take out the headache of collecting from your customers one by one. This is the main advantage of implementing this type of software in your business.

Other advantages of implementing this solution are to be able to improve your business cash flow and predict how much revenue your business will receive every month. This is especially important if you bill the same amount to your clients month by month. This is the best way to reduce late payments, stop customers leaving your service and having to repeat manual tasks. For this reason, implementing solutions like this in your business can help you in the day by day operation.

Implement PayForm as an automatic billing software

A problem most entrepreneurs face when implementing an automatic billing software is the lack of coding experience. This can be a barrier if the entrepreneur wants to implement a code-only solution like Stripe Subscriptions. For this reason, we’ve created PayForm. PayForm is a non-coding solution to implement recurring payments easily on any website.

PayForm works using simple checkout forms. You create a form, set a recurrence period (for example, charge every month) and connect a payment gateway. This is made in seconds, and you don’t need any code or API keys. It’s the best way to get started in automatic billing.