How to build your own Crowdfunding outside Kickstarter

How to build your own Crowdfunding outside Kickstarter

There is no doubt about how amazing is crowdfunding for early stage entrepreneurs For this very same reason, platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo have flourished and are creating a new Crowdfunding economy where people submit their projects and ideas in order to raise funding from the community. But there is a new trend of people building their own crowdfunding outside Kickstarter.

Why build your crowdfunding outside Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Did you know majority of campaigns in sites like Kickstarter raise $0 or close to zero? This is because a common misconception of most people using these platforms is that, for the sole reason of posting their campaign online, they will raise million of dollars from strangers. In real life, the people who collaborate to the campaign are the current network of the entrepreneurs, t. And crowdfunding platform owners know this, and charge hefty fees of up to 10% of the amount raised by failed campaigns, also called Flexible Funding.

The best solution for this is to build your own crowdfunding campaign out of these platform. People that have followed this route have saved up to $750,000, without considering the creative freedom that comes of not being tied to one of these platforms. Think how you could use this additional money! For example, bring paid traffic to make your campaign explode.

Here are a couple of solutions that allow you to start your own Crowdfunding outside Kickstarter without being tied to the limitations and fees of the big platforms:


If you’re a developer and familiar with Ruby On Rails, give Selfstarter a go. It helps you start your own crowdfunding campaign and save money by creating your own simple one page crowdfunding outside kickstarter to start raising money from your backers.

PayForm Crowdfunding Builder

If you are looking for a way of saving money and have a WordPress site, PayForm crowdfunding builder is an easy way to set-up your own crowdfunding campaign in minutes. You will receive your donations directly in your own Stripe account so you don’t need to wait for disbursements at the end of the campaign, or struggle with hefty Flexible Crowdfunding fees. Just install the plugin in your current WordPress website and start one or multiple campaigns easily. You don’t need to be a developer to use it, and compared to other solutions, you can use your own Stripe account to your own crowdfunding outside kickstarter.

Just set up a simple payment form

If you don’t have a website and can’t wait to start your campaign, or you just don’t want to reveal the donors, why don’t set-up a simple payment form? You can create a basic payment form in PayForm and share it in social media or embed it in any website. This will give you the freedom o raising funding without having to struggle with the problems of normal crowdfunding platforms.

Whichever path you choose, it’s easy to start your own crowdfunding outside Indiegogo or Kickstarter using simple to use tools. You may end up saving thousands of dollars and also, you will have full control over your campaign.