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Collect retainers for your digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies have special needs that current solutions don’t fulfill. Collecting retainers from every client month by month is a tedious task that makes you lose the focus on what’s important: to grow your business.

In PayForm we have created a solution that can help your marketing agency to automate this tasks, helping you to take recurring charges for your services and/or retainers.

With PayForm you can build simple checkout forms that you can embed in your website or send directly to your clients. Then, they can use it to subscribe their credit cards on autopay. You can configure settings like trial periods, monthly or yearly charges, and a lot of other powerful subscription features. This way, you can focus on your business and not in collecting fees.

It’s easy to get started with PayForm. We have created several articles on how to begin using PayForm in our blog. If you are ready, just click here.

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