3 GoPaywall Alternatives to Start Accepting recurring payments

3 GoPaywall Alternatives to Start Accepting recurring payments

When creating a membership site, you are often faced with the problem of how to accept recurring payments. No matter if you’re a pro developer or you’re just starting in web design and doing it yourself, you probably don’t have the time to do it. There are great solutions for technical users and coders (we’re going to see some of them in this post). Also, some GoPaywall alternatives don’t need coding experience (like PayForm).

GoPaywall Alternatives

#1 – PayForm

PayForm is one of the best GoPaywall alternatives as you don’t need any code or design experience to use it. Just connect your Stripe account and you’re ready. Create simple payment forms and place them anywhere in your website. And with recurring payment support, PayForm is one of the best GoPaywall alternatives in the market today. It’s PCI compliance ready and accepts all major credit cards.

Try PayForm free and create your first payment form in seconds

You can place your PayForms anywhere in your site. Also you can use the direct link to share your PayForm with anyone. You can also create unlimited PayForms easily so it’s a far better than all GoPaywall alternatives available today.

#2 – Stripe Subscriptions API

If you have coding skills, you can use the Stripe Subscriptions API to build your own subscription system. This is recommended for advanced coders, but can also be a great alternative if you have a software engineer available in your team to do this integration. The Stripe Subscriptions API is also PCI compliant so if you have the skills, it’s a great way to accept subscriptions.

#3 – Build a recurring system

This one is not for the faint of heart. You can build your own recurring system using code. While we don’t see the advantage over the ready-made solutions, if you have a really good software engineer available that can start this venture, that’s another way to go. Please notice you may need to do several things like opening merchant accounts and set-up servers compatible with PCI compliance. Please also keep in mind banking regulations about keeping credit card information secure, that is something solved in ready-made solutions like PayForm or Stripe.