How to sell on Instagram using PayForm

Everyone is into Instagram. While it’s been around a few years, it looks like it came to stay. More and more people around the world are hooked by it simplicity. But today more businesses are looking forward to start offering their products or services directly to their audience. So, how to sell on Instagram? Use PayForm!. In this article we’re going to show you some great insight on how Instagram works and how you can use this knowledge to sell in Instagram like a Pro.

PayForm is a solution that allows you to create simple payment forms that you can share with your customers and let them subscribe to your business. Just create a simple form with the information you need from your customer and connect it to your Stripe account. In seconds you will be accepting online payments without the need to have a website. It’s perfect to accept payments and subscriptions online, in platforms likeInstagram.

How to sell on Instagram using your PayForm link

So you’ve set up a payment link. Now what?. If you’re familiar with Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that you cannot paste a link below your pictures. While this may sound a problem there are several solutions to circumvent this limitation.

Post the link in bio

The most used solution is to post your link as the URL of your website. This is really useful when you don’t have a website, because you can direct your visitors directly to your payment form. This is by far the most popular solution to sell on Instagram. You can also say in your posts that the purchase or subscribe link is in your bio. This encourage your viewers to vier your full profile and see more content to feel engaged with. PayForm makes it easy to generate this URL for you in seconds.

Post the link in your stories

If you have an Instagram Business account (linked to a Facebook page) and more than 10,000 followers, you can use the second option. Similar on how to sell on Snapchat, you can embed an URL into an Instagram Story. This way, when users swipe up, this will reveal the contents of your PayForm for them to subscribe. For help on how to add a link to your story, you can see this article from Instagram support.

Send the link by direct message

Direct messages are another way to engage with your visitors and sell on Instagram easily. Did you know that direct marketing is the best way to engage with your followers? Answer to them when they show interest in your service by sending them the link through a direct message.

An awesome way to get these leads is by posting content in your stories. Create engaging stories with a clear call to action, for example, “Interested in our services? React to this story!” and let them send an instant reaction. Simply answer this reaction with a DM (this is good because it’s your users the ones who made the initial contact in the first place. You can use tools like Instazood to send this message automatically. Also, you may use tools like Instagram polls to capture these leads to make selling on Instagram fast and easy.

Use your imagination to sell on instagram!

While there are several ways for selling to your Instagram followers, the best way to start is using your imagination. Remember which type of content you’ve felt more engaged with when using Instagram and take what works best. Keep it clean and interesting, as more beautiful photos are the ones that generate more interactions.