How to sell on Snapchat using PayForm

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps today, specially in the teen and young adult demographic. But because of its ephemeral characteristics, to use it as a sales channel has been complicated for most small businesses, that day to day struggle to acquire new customers through innovative channels. In this hands-on article we will see how to sell on Snapchat, no matter if you’re selling a product or service.

PayForm is a solution that allows anyone to sell on Snapchat using a powerful interface to create simple payment forms that you can embed in your stories, or embed it in snaps that you can send to your customers (think about blink-and-miss offers that just vanish after 10 seconds!).

How to sell on Snapchat using PayForm

Tips on how to sell on Snapchat

Here are some simple tips that will help you reach your audience and sell on Snapchat like a pro.

Tip 1: Get people to connect

In other social networks, it’s easy to fall into the “follower count race” that lures you out of your objective. In Snapchat is different, because you can spend more time engaging with your audience. If you haven’t done so, create your own Snapcode. Creating a Snapcode for your business will allow anyone to scan it and engage with you in a daily basis. Feel free to send a thank you text anyone scans your Snapcode. Add this code to all your printed material or posts in other social media. A great way to lure them into scanning your Snapcode is to tell them that you will post exclusive 24h offers only for Snapchat followers, they wouldn’t like to miss them!

Tip 2: Create engaging content

Snapchat gives you the freedom to be a little more informal. Feel free to be relaxed and create stories that connect to your audience in a more fun way. If you have a local service, for example, a gym, show how much fun your customers are having. Dare to be goofy and have fun while building this content. People will be more prone to be part of your business if they know they can belong to something they can relate to.

Tip 3: Aim for purchases by impulse

Never forget to add a PayForn to your stories, so impulse buyers will swipe up to purchase or subscribe. Perhaps at the begining they will just swipe out of curiosity, which is also good. But after some rinse and repeat you will be able to attract those impulse buyers that engage with your content.