7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Power Up your Business

7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Power Up your Business

Need to improve your brand awareness or get more customers on Instagram?. You’re looking to attract new customers to sell on Instagram?. We have created a list of awesome Instagram Marketing Tips that you can use to bring your business online to a whole new level, attract and retain customers. These great ideas can help you bring traffic, followers and sales to your business.

Instagram Marketing tips to get more customers

The first thing to do in order to have a strong presence on Instagram is to get quality followers. While this sounds trivial to many, to have zero followers in your Instagram account can be really problematic for a business account. Also, having more popularity on Instagram unlocks several options like linkable stories that are not available to other type of accounts. Creating and engaging instagram presence is key to get more customers.

Tip #1 – Create an engaging profile

Sometimes you tend to forget that Instagram is about beautiful pictures when doing a business profile. When starting your Instagram presence, try to be more in the picture side of the equation and less on the branding. This is one of the most important Instagram marketing tips as businesses often forget Instagram is about pictures. Snap one or two beautiful pictures with certain hashtags, instead of promotional material. You will see how your followers rise when you start creating engaging content related to your brand.

Is your local business a salon or similar?. Connect with a local models agency and join them in a fashion photoshoot to create beautiful and engaging pictures. Are you a fitness coach or personal trainer? Snap beautiful scenery and sporting pictures to make your audience feel they want to be there. The idea is to make them follow you for the content you are providing them, and that is consistent with the content you normally find on Instagram.

Tip #2 – Select a broad location on every photo

If you’re a local business, chances are you are already using location.  Location helps your customers find you, your content and your business. When you snap a photo, try to select a broad location. It’s better to say a picture is taken in SoMa neighborhood, than saying it’s taken on #345 Market St. This will help you engage with customers that are looking for local content, but are not familiar with your business. If you want them to visit, just type the address on the description field of the photo.

This is an example we loved from Chef Bai Kitchen, a nutritional coach in San Francisco with a strong Instagram presence. See how she tagged her location as Mission Bay to attract the whole neighborhood?

Tip #3 – Use hashtags wisely

It’s easy to fall on an endless hashtag loop. One of the most important Instagram marketing tips is to keep hashtags under control. It’s better to have one powerful hashtag, than 300 hashtags without any sense. You don’t want to look a brand that is eager to get followers, and using too many hashtags give that impression. Try to stick to a couple of well highly popular and simple hashtags, or related to Instagram events like #tbt or #2017bestnine

Tip #4 – People talk to humans, not logos

When crafting your Instagram profile, try to do it for the person behind the brand if possible. Personal accounts are far more popular than regular people accounts, as it engages conversation and makes it easier to share a little bit more of interesting off-topic candids. If this is not possible, create a persona for your brand and place it in the profile picture with a small logo of your brand. Are you a photography studio? Put a person with a camera that looks like the photographer. Are you a restaurant? A cook with the logo of your restaurant placed on the apron will make it look more personal instead of just a logo.

Tip #5 – Keep your following-follower ratio on your side

When you’re starting on Instagram sometimes you need to start following people for them to start follow you back. Try to keep that ratio low following just private accounts at the beginning. This will not count towards your following count until they accept you, so you will be able to unfollow (don’t do this too much!) if they don’t follow you back. If you keep your profile personal (Tip #4) most people will follow you back so this won’t be an issue.

Tip #6 – Have a clear call to action (CTA)

Okay, so some of these Instagram marketing tips are working and you’re starting to have some leads. Now it’s time to close the deal. Use your profile description to have a clear Call to action so your customers can follow. Make no big deal about that as probably they will comment your photos with questions or send you DMs. So make this call to action short and simple, if you can lead it directly to your purchase page, even better. If you are selling services or memberships you can use PayForm to create a short link that you can place in your bio. Or if you have a website, embed it. Direct your customers to a simple action, like purchase, subscribe or download, because you’ll probably won’t get their attention twice.

Tip #7 – Have fun!

The most important Instagram Marketing tip is to have fun. Your followers will notice when you’re having fun uploading beautiful pictures, and engage with your product even more. So, to build a strong Instagram presence the most important thing you can do is have fun while doing it.