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Is Stripe safe for accepting payments?

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Stripe is definitely one of the leading payment platforms online. But with online fraud on the rise, one of the questions that businesses commonly ask themselves is: Is Stripe safe? In this article, we will debunk some myths about Stripe payments. Also, we will understand how we can make our integration more secure for both our customers and our business overall.

Is Stripe safe?

Yes, Stripe, when correctly integrated, is one of the safest payment methods available. It uses HTTPS and the new HSTS protocol for secure connections with the browser, encrypting all personal data with AES-256. All these security features had earned Stripe full PCI compliance which is the industry standard for safety practices in credit card payments.

Also, if integrated as directed, Stripe will make your website PCI-compliant too, as it helps you receive payments without collecting personal payment data, like credit card numbers. This is one of its main security features that enable you and your business to accept payments with peace of mind.

How to integrate Stripe securely?

It’s important to notice that not all ways of integrating Stripe offer full PCI compliance or compliance to other standards like PSD2 (SCA Compliance). In order to accept payments in the most secure way possible, a correct integration is crucial. We have developed PayForm to ease this process to non-coders and create an easy-to-use interface to create amazing checkout forms, fully integrated with Stripe. We are a PCI and SCA-ready solution that allows anyone to accept payments without any coding or design experience. With PayForm you can rest assured that your customers’ information is safe and that your business remains compliant.

If the safety of your data is a concern, and you want to offer a streamlined and flexible option for your customers to pay, you can try PayForm for free using our 7-day free trial.

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