How to accept online subscriptions without website

How to accept online subscriptions without website

Usually when you think about accept payments online, it’s easy to think that to accept online subscriptions you need a website, for example, like an online store. But this is far from the truth. Technology is currently available to take online subscriptions without website, even recurring subscriptions. In this article we’re going to explore on how to use PayForm to accomplish the task of accepting these online subscriptions without having to setup a full featured web page.

Use PayForm to take online subscriptions without website

Step 1 – Sign up for PayForm

PayForm is a solution that allows you to create simple checkout forms easily. These checkout forms are fully customizable and connected to Stripe, one of the leading payment processing solutions. Signing up for PayForm is really easy. Just visit the Create a PayForm page and press the Connect with Stripe button.

Step 2 – Create a Stripe account

If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can create one easily within PayForm. You will be asked your business information and what you will be selling online. If you don’t have a website, fill the information on where your users are currently finding you online. For example, it can be a free Google My Business page that shows your business contact information, or a Facebook business page.

Step 3 – Build a simple checkout form

Building a checkout form to take online subscriptions without website is really easy once you’re inside. Just fill the information of your product or service and configure the prices and recurrence of your subscription. You will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Step 4 – Start accepting online subscriptions without website

We have made really easy to share your checkout form using the Share function. Also, you can copy the url and send it by email to your customers. If you decide to have a website in the future, you can always use the Embed funtion to insert your checkout form in your website, easily without coding.