Personal trainer marketing ideas to put in practice today

Personal trainer marketing ideas to put in practice today

You may think people choose a personal trainer just by proximity reasons, but normally it’s more than that. In the case of personal trainers, mostly about personal relationships. Also, professionalism plays a key part in bringing new users to your service. In this article, we’re going to explore personal trainer marketing ideas you can put in practice today. These tips can help you bring new people and make your personal training business thrive.

Personal trainer marketing ideas for your business

#1 – Start a blog

If you don’t currently have a website online, a great personal trainer marketing tip is to start a blog. This has a double reason. First, you can give free advice that will turn you into an authority on your business. This is great when people search for your name on Google as your blog will show up in the results displaying all the articles you’ve written. You can also use a tool like Mailchimp to add email subscription widgets to your website for weekly fitness tips. What you’re looking for, is that people engage with the content you are writing.

The second reason to start blogging is that you can attract a whole new audience. Write blog posts like “Top 10 gyms in Raleigh, NC” or “The best running routes in Austin, TX”. People that are looking to do fitness activities in your area will quickly discover you and your services.

Tip #2 – Add testimonials and success cases

A great idea is to add a testimonials page to your website. Show the happy people you’ve helped achieve their fitness goals. Try to keep this list as diverse as possible, and include pictures and real quotes from them. If your customers are happy with your service, you won’t have any problem on building a solid amount of real life testimonials on your professionalism and expertise.

Include before and after photos. These type of photos are really powerful when they are real and encourage people to identify with them.

Tip #3 – Accept subscriptions online

Want to supercharge your newly created blog even more? Add a subscription widget for people to subscribe for your services online. Solutions like PayForm allow to create forms that accept recurring monthly payments so you will be able to bill your customers month by month automatically.

The voice starts spreading fast, and more people will be prone to subscribe to your service if an online option is available. Offer different plan tiers for different services. For example, check out this example made in PayForm for a simple personal training service (opens in a new window).

Tip #4 – Use social media to attract new people

One of the best personal trainer marketing ideas you can put in practice one your blog is ready, is to share your newly created articles in social media. Social media is a really powerful tool to bring traffic form your existing users network. People that know you personally will be more prone to share and bring new people form their social sphere. If you have some budget, try the Boost post functionality on Facebook that will bring your articles to the feed of people interested in your business, in your area.