Plasso competitors to continue receiving payments

Plasso competitors to continue receiving payments

After the announcement of Plasso that it will shut its doors, hundreds of people are looking for Plasso competitors to migrate their payment forms and continue receiving subscribers and sales. In this article we’re going to help you decide which of the Plasso competitors is best for your use case.

Plasso competitors: PayForm

PayForm is an all-in-one solutions to create payment forms connected to Stripe, just like Plasso. Some advantages of PayForm for your use case are the following:

Support for Stripe and PayPal

PayForm is the only Plasso competitor that supports both, Stripe and PayPal in their payment forms. You can even combine them into a single checkout experience for your customers so they can choose the best payment method for them. PayForm also support over one hundred currencies so its fully compatible with international sales.

Fully customizable payment form

PayForm has a fully customizable form, where you decide which fields you want to request and which fields don’t. You can customize every single detail of your payment experience and add advanced customizations like forwarding urls and Terms of service checkboxes.

Embeddable anywhere

PayForm is one the best Plasso competitors specially for this reason. Forms created in PayForm can be easily embeddable anywhere, and also be sent via email or social media, directly to your customers. This is one of it’s best features and helps PayForm outstand all other Plasso competitors