SCA is here and PayForm is ready for this normative

SCA is here and PayForm is ready for this normative

PSD2 is around the corner, and we’ve taken all the steps to make sure you keep receiving payments from European customers after September 14th, 2019. Now, PayForm is fully compatible with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) so once this law is in finally in effect, you can diminish the impact of this normative in your business:

What can you expect after SCA is required by European law?

After SCA is implemented, you should expect most payment coming from the Eurozone to require 3DSecure to complete validation. This security implementation depends on your customers’ issuing bank. This may include verifying the payer’s identity using, for example, an SMS, a push notification, a matrix card or an RSA Token. For this reason, you should expect fewer conversions while customers get used to this new way of paying.

How does PayForm implement SCA?

We have updated both, our PayPal and our Stripe integrations to be fully compatible with SCA. While no disruption can be expected today, starting September 14th your European payers may be requested to provide a secondary method of authentication. This affects both One-time payments and recurrences.

Your payers may expect to be redirected to their bank’s interface before completing their payment or set up a subscription. This is fully transparent for you and your customers, so no changes should be done by your side. Please keep in mind that only forms with the new design are compatible with Strong Customer Authentication.

What other steps should I take to be fully protected?

In case you’re accepting subscriptions from European users, and use Stripe, we recommend you to activate the option to Stripe to Manage payments that require 3D Secure under Settings in the Stripe Dashboard. While PayForm takes care of SCA compliance at the start of your subscriptions, you need to enable this setting. This will let your payers manually authorize transactions that may be subject to SCA limitations.