How to start using Stripe for India

How to start using Stripe for India

Did you know that Stripe for India is available? In this how-to guide we’ll guide you on how to start accepting Stripe in India and how it can help your online business succeed.

The history of Stripe for India

Originally, Stripe was not available for Indian users. So if you wanted to accept direct payments using this gateway you had no choice but to wait. This changed for good with the introduction of Stripe Atlas. This program helps promising startups from outside the US and EEA, to open a company in Delaware and set-up a bank account in the United States. This may be a great solution for some startups, but companies that don’t want to incorporate outside India have struggled.

The good news came in December 2017, when Stripe announced the first private beta for India. This was a great announcement as this beta marked the beginning of Stripe for india.

When a Stripe country is in a private beta, it means that some features may not be ready in this country just yet. Still, you are able to use it and accept payments.

Start accepting payments with Stripe for India and PayForm

The first step to start using Stripe for India is to request access to the private beta. You can do it in the Stripe Global website, and entering your email. Once you are accepted in the private beta, the second step is to integrate it.

PayForm is a great solution to start integrating Stripe. It’s fast (in a couple of minutes you’re ready) and simple (you can do a code-less integration easily). No need to fiddle with the Stripe API, specially if you are not a developer. The product is currently being used by several Private Beta countries, like India, Mexico and Brazil, and works perfectly for accepting local payments.

What if I’m not accepted in Stripe for India?

While Stripe doesn’t accept all requests to joining the beta, there are other paths. Most people go to Stripe because their recurring billing solution (Stripe Subscriptions). But we have built a recurring payment solution that works over PayPal too. This way you can start accepting recurring subscriptions, even if you are not accepted into the Stripe beta yet.

You can try PayForm free for 7 days using this link.