How to open an account for Stripe in Estonia

How to open an account for Stripe in Estonia

You have incorporated your company in Estonia, and now you want to accept payments. If you’re looking to accept Stripe in Estonia, in this article we’re going to tell you a little bit on how to do it. This is specially important if you are an Estonian company owner, or opened an Estonian company using it’s e-residency program.

The history of Stripe in Estonia

Estonia is one of the best places in Europe to build your company. Freelancers and entrepreneurs all over the world are using its e-residency program to create companies, bank and start making money. And one of the favorite methods of payments that entrepreneurs love is Stripe. But sadly, if you wanted to accept this payment method in countries like Estonia was impossible. Even though it was available in several EEA countries, Estonia was not on the list

The good news came in February, when Stripe announced that Estonia was finally available to open accounts in an open beta. These are great news for entrepreneurs all around the world that have, or are evaluating Estonia.

Accept Stripe in Estonia with PayForm

If you want to start using Stripe in Estonia the first step is to request access to the private beta. Just visit the Stripe Global website, and enter your email in the field that says “Stripe in my country”. After acceptance, you will be ready to start integrating Stripe. It’s easy and it will be integrated faster than saying valmis.

The best thing is that you won’t have to struggle with the Stripe API. This is great for non-developers as you can do all the integration yourself, even with basic knowledge of HTML. Companies in several Private Beta countries, like India, Mexico and Brazil currently use PayForm to help their integration.

What if I’m not accepted in Stripe in Estonia?

While not all companies are accepted for the Stripe beta in Estonia, don’t worry. One of the main features of Stripe, subscriptions, works out of the box with Payform. We have created a subscription feature inside PayForm that works over PayPal.

You can try PayForm free for 7 days using this link.