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Stripe recurring donations for your nonprofit

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stripe recurrent donations

If you are looking to accept donations every month in your nonprofit or social cause, chances are you’ve come across Stripe. But, to accept Stripe recurring donations, you need to make the integration of their gateway. In this article, we’re going to talk about PayForm, the best way to accept these types of donations on your website.

How can I accept Stripe recurring donations?

When you need to integrate recurring donations from Stripe, you would have to use their technical documentation. While this is possible if you have the development skills needed, usually we don’t have access to that possibility. What else can we do? A solution like PayForm can help you achieve your fundraising goals, by enabling your nonprofit to accept payments without the integration effort.

Stripe recurring donations with PayForm

In the case of Stripe recurring donations with PayForm, we offer an easy to use editor where you can create fully customized donation forms. Then, you can embed these forms in your website, or send them via email. PayForm was built with simplicity in mind. This way, you don’t need to focus on development and just in collecting donations. PayForm connects to your own Stripe account, so it’s easy to start accepting donations in seconds.

How can I start?

PayForm offers a free 7 days trial. During this trial period, you can test all functions of the editor, and accept real payments. You can embed PayForm in your existing website, or send the link to your current donors via email or a lot of different social networks.

In PayForm you can create different types of forms. Some allow you to fundraise, others to sell products or services. With PayForm you can customize and create a perfect checkout experience for your cause. Try PayForm today and start accepting payments in less than 5 minutes.

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