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Subscription website ready in less than 5 minutes

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Subscription website

Have you been struggling with building a subscription website? Even if you are a web design pro, subscription websites have several difficulties that regular websites don’t.

In this article, we are going to talk about the challenges of building a subscription website. And also, we are going to see why PayForm is the best solution for creating these types of pages and how to maximize your subscribers using Conversion pages.

How to start building your subscription website

To start, we are going to create a Members Area in PayForm. These types of areas are members-only zones where you can add content from different sources and also include external websites. PayForm even offers content protection for the external embedded content.

These areas are available in the Full plan or higher. Still, you can test them totally for free, taking advantage of PayForm’s 7-day free trial. You can see some examples of the subscription websites created in PayForm in the Examples section, under Member Areas. You can build a subscription website based on content from sources like Dropbox, Amazon S3, YouTube non-listed videos, and several other integrations.

Also, you can customize your subscription website changing the colors and logos to make it fit your style. Member areas also feature login and password-recovery windows, and a dashboard where you can see all your subscribers inside PayForm.

Finally, you can connect your own domain to your member area, so your customers will not know that the members’ section of your website is not under the same domain.

Customize the subscriber onboarding with Conversion pages

While the subscription website itself is one thing, there is also another important aspect that is the onboarding experience for your customer. This is very important as several solutions to create membership websites don’t take care of this important aspect.

To solve this issue, we are going to use Conversion pages combined with a payment form made in PayForm. Both payment forms and conversion pages are included in all plans of PayForm, so it’s very straightforward to get started.

Create your onboarding payment form

The first step is to create a payment form. This type of form is very good for collecting information about your subscribers and also, receiving payments. You can create subscription websites that you need to pay monthly fees to access, or yearly, or even create lifetime plans. Also, you have the tools to create free trials, coupons, and other ways to encourage users to subscribe.

For this type of business, we recommend building a two-step payment form, so in case your customer does not subscribe, you can still capture their data. You can create all the payment forms you need in order to find the best onboarding experience for your subscription website.

Encourage signups to your subscription website with a conversion page

The final step is to create a conversion page to encourage your users to sign up. You can add design elements like images, videos, countdowns, and other elements that can encourage your audience to become subscribers. You can choose between dozens of templates made for generating conversions and signups.

PayForm features a simple no-code editor, where without any coding experience you can create beautiful pages. Also, as with member areas, you can show them under your own domain.

Putting your subscription website all together

In summary, building a subscription website in PayForm is a 3 step process. First, add your content to a members-only area. Second, create the payment form to sign-up your users and connect it to the members-only area. Finally, create several conversion pages that connect to your payment forms and try different messages and landing pages.

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