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Donorbox alternatives for your non-profit or cause

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donorbox alternatives

When you are looking for a solution to accept donations in your non-profit or social cause, you’ve may have across Donorbox. But, Did you know there are better Donorbox alternatives available that you can start using today? In this article, we’re going to explore how PayForm is the best alternative to Donorbox and how it can help you and your cause reach its fundraising goals.

Why look for alternatives to Donorbox?

Actually, there are several reasons for you to try other solutions for your non-profit. From pricing to flexibility, finding the right software for fundraising is crucial. And in this case, PayForm is a solid contender that will surely help your organization.


Donorbox pricing (1.5% of the transaction) actually comparable PayForm’s Small plan. But PayForm is better as you can choose a bigger plan and make the commission fee lower. This is a big advantage over Donorbox, as you can lower your PayForm fees up to 0.5%. This makes PayForm the most convenient solution, both for non-profits and other types of organizations.

More design choices

While in Donorbox you can only create donation forms, in PayForm you can create a lot of different forms. Do you need to create a fundraiser? A crowdfunding campaign? Sell a product or service? PayForm allows you to create custom checkout experiences for your donors, not limited to the donation box. You can also fully customize the HTML content of your donation page to make it look yours!


Together with design choices, flexibility is one of PayForm’s best advantages over Donorbox. You can use our Zapier integration to create customized emails or use or recurring payments solution to accept donations month by month. You can also integrate Google Analytics to track your campaigns and maximize your reach.

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