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Gym advertisement ideas proven to get members for life

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Using advertising usually becomes the most obvious way to increase your number of gym members. But if you ran out of ideas, this article can help you get a fresh view on gym advertisement. Also, you can learn a couple of new tricks!

Idea #1 – Use old-school flyers as an gym advertisement idea

Do you recall the how you learned about a new local business before Internet? Maybe you did through a flyer. While some people dump them in the trash, others will value your information. Create an engaging flyer using an online editor like Canva, that has ready-made 100% free templates. You can easily customize them using your gym photos. Don’t have high-quality photos? Let’s enter our second tip.

Idea #2 – Make a professional photoshoot

While you can make great pics yourself using your mobile phone, nothing beats the work of a professional. Find a professional photographer and schedule a photoshoot for your space for gym advertisement.

gym marketing ideas
Making a professional photoshoot, a good gym advertising idea

Pro tip: include actual people in your photos to make your gym look full of life. Also, you can use these pictures in your advertising material or your website. Don’t have a website?

Idea #3 – Create a website for your gym advertising

Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you basically don’t exist. Create a simple website using an online editor like Wix, or hire a developer to make it in a platform like WordPress. Add your website to your online listings, marketing material and more. Also, a membership form can increase confidence in your business. You can create one easily with PayForm.

gym advertising in website
Create a website for people to know your gym

#4 – Create discount coupons both offline and online

Create special discount coupons for your gym advertisement. You can offer a small discount for yearly upfront payment. Also, you can run time-limited promotions easily using coupons. You can also bring these coupons online using PayForm.

Idea #5 – Do gym advertisement in social media

Using platforms like Instagram ads, lots of people can learn about your gym easily and fast. While some of these promotions can become expensive, taking the shot can give a boost in your gym awareness. This is a great idea for growing your business.

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