PayWhirl alternatives to start accepting recurrent payments

PayWhirl alternatives to start accepting recurrent payments

PayWhirl is a software that offers a platform for recurring payments. They have a hosted checkout experience that works with subscriptions, and have both a pay-as-you-go plan and paid plans starting $249/mo (as of march 2019). In this article we’re going to see the best PayWhirl alternatives available for small businesses to start accepting recurring payments in their own website.

Five PayWhirl alternatives for your recurring payment needs

Stripe Subscriptions API

The Stripe Subscriptions API is one of the best PayWhirl alternatives to start accepting recurring subscriptions. If you are a developer or have the option to hire one, both for building the solution and for maintenance, the flexibility that comes from it is great. You can offer multiple product tiers, create subscriptions.

The downside with this approach is that you have to build everything from scratch. From designing the forms to using Stripe’s backend library in your server. Also, you’re responsible that your integration has full PCI compliance. With a developer, this can take weeks or month. Still, it’s the best subscriptions API available.


PayForm is a solution similar to PayWhirl. It uses Stripe’s Subscriptions API and simplifies it so you can build simple checkout forms that are embeddable in any website. Also, PayForm is cheaper than PayWhirl, and in its lower end plan, commission charged by PayForm is half PayWhirl’s per transaction fee of 3%. With a 7 days free trial, you won’t need to commit to a paid plan to try PayForm.

PayForm has available a integration with Zapier, that can be used to connect PayForm to over a thousand applications.


Zuora is an enterprise ready solution for big corporations. Zuora’s basic plan starts at $9,000/year, plus an activation fee starting $250. Zuora’s solution is better for big enterprise customers with IT departments that require a complex integration with internal processes.