Snapchat Marketing Ideas to bring Customers to your Business

Snapchat Marketing Ideas to bring Customers to your Business

Everybody loves Snapchat. It’s innovative nature and how content is ephemeral is great for person to person communication. But most marketers still haven’t found a way to find good Snapchat marketing ideas that untap this audience. In this article we’re going to see how small businesses and big brands use Snapchat to bring and retain loyal customers. And also, sell on Snapchat.

The best snapchat marketing ideas for new businesses

Snapchat is often not the social network that most people wouldn’t think about first. But if you’re starting to build an internet presence you need to consider it. With more than 80 million users in the US alone, the hottest social media platforms where most teens and young adults are.  These Snapchat Marketing Ideas were thought for businesses that need to target this audience, so keep reading!

Tip #1 – Put your Snapcode everywhere

Snapcodes are those yellow squares with dots that everyone has as profile pictures. Did you know that those codes can be scanned to add someone to Snapchat? Feel free to use them in your printed material and promote the advantages to your customers for scanning this code. If you don’t show what the advantage is, they won’t do it. Offer exclusive content or an amazing Snapchat-only discount. Showing this advantage will encourage people to scan your code and engage with your brand.

Creating an Snapcode is free and it’s the first thing you do when joining Snapchat, so give it a good use. Try to include it complete, with the black borders included, so people won’t have trouble scanning it. Also avoid glossy materials as they tend to make scanning difficult.

Tip #2 – Create business or a community Geofilter

Have you seen location-aware Geofilters each time you add a story or send a Snap to a friend? Did you know you can create them? If you’re a local business, create a business Geofilter and make people engage with your place taking photos using it. This is perfect for businesses that cater to young audiences, like coffee shops. And if you don’t want to break the piggy, and you have a more traditional business, submitting a community Geofilter with the look and feel of your brand will help people to associate the neighborhood to your business and increase brand awareness. This is perfect if you happen to be promoting a business with history in the neighborhood.

Tip #3 – Create fun stories

Stories will be where you will spend more time engaging with your audience. These ephemeral 24 hours snaps are the best way to engage with everyone who is following you, so make those seconds matter. Create beautiful and fun snaps that connect with your audience. People in Snapchat tend to value fun content so dare to be a little bit goofy and upload fun and exciting things to your story feed. Just as in Instagram, creating fun stories help your users engage with your brand and be more interested in what you have to offer. Remember stories disappear after 24 hours so you’ll always need to create new Snapchat marketing ideas.

Tip #4 – Add stories with a clear call to action

The most important thing in promoting your brand with Snapchat, is to include Snaps to your stories that have a clear call to action (in the case of Snapchat, swipe up). If you attach a link to your story, when users slide up they will open it, so use that power to sell them. One great way to sell on Snapchat using stories is with PayForm. PayForm lets you create short payment links for simple and recurring payments, so you won’t miss a sale opportunity on Snapchat. Just attach the payment link to your stories to sell products or services to your audience.

Tip #5 – Use screenshots in your favor

Did you know that Snapchat reveals who has taken a screenshot of your stories or Snaps? Use that feature to encourage your followers to take a screenshot of one of your stories to share it. You won’t believe how this small ideas will help you get leads from your followers, and detect people more eager to share.