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Stripe in Australia to receive payments for your online business

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Stripe in Australia

If you’re looking to accept payments in Australia using Stripe, this article is for you. We’re going to dissect the offer of Stripe for Aussie companies and compare them with other countries. Is it the best option for your business?

How does Stripe in Australia work?

In 2014, Stripe launched support for all Australian companies. Before that, it also was working with big names like Canva and Flightfox. After this time, now all companies and individuals located in the country can use Stripe. And sure, Startups love Stripe because how developers can integrate it in record time. Still, not all businesses could use this payment method, until now.

What is the advantage of Stripe?

Actually, Stripe is a solid company that processes payments for big names in Silicon Valley. And actually, Stripe in Australia has one of the most competitive rates in the market, at 1.75% + $0.30 AUD for local cards and 2.9% + $0.30 AUD for overseas cards. This is massive savings compared to other countries, like for example, the United States.

With Stripe, your business can accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express cards. This is a big advantage over other providers like PayPal, as your customers will feel at ease paying you directly with their credit or debit cards.

How can I integrate Stripe in Australia?

Stripe, while it has several advantages over traditional payment methods, it’s still developer-centric. This means if you want to integrate Stripe payments in your business you need to have or hire a developer yourself. Sadly, this is a big barrier, especially if you are starting and you sell services.

The good news is, PayForm is here. PayForm is a solution that helps you integrate and accept Stripe in Australia easy in less than a couple of minutes. You don’t need code to use PayForm and you’ll be set-up and ready in a matter of minutes.

Actually, you can also create recurrent payments using PayForm. This way, if you are an agency that charges a retainer to your customer, or are a business that has some sort of membership, PayForm is perfect for you. Of course, you can also accept one time payments in an easy and timely manner as a simple billing solution.

If you are looking to accept payments with Stripe in Australia, and don’t want the mess of integrating it yourself, try PayForm. The first seven days are on us!

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