New year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs

New year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs

A new year comes, and with it comes new projects and endeavors. Of course, is specially important for entrepreneurs as the new year is a great moment to start fresh. New year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs have a special meaning. They can help you plan ahead everything you’re going to do next year.

New year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs are somewhat different

You may have some ideas on how a new year’s resolution should be like. Perhaps start going to the gym, or learning to play an instrument. But when it comes to entrepreneurial dreams, it’s easy to get frustrated as they don’t completely depend on you. For this reason a good new year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs is to not feel frustrated when things don’t work as expected. Life starting your own business is hard, so don’t feel frustrated when things don’t work as expected when starting.

Also, timing is important. While we want to do thing right, it’s easy to hold on to this waiting and let the time pass by. A great new year’s resolution for entrepreneurs is to set a deadline to start. Even if you don’t reach given deadline, to do it fast and within a set timeframe, allows you to focus your efforts and be more prone to success.

A new year’s resolution for entrepreneurs: Offer something valuable

When starting-up your business, it’s easy to lose focus in the customer. A good resolution for next year, should include start learning more about your customers, or potential customers. The only way customers will pay for your product or service, is that they like it. Think of your customers as your boss. For this reason, learning what’s valuable to them is crucial for starting the new year on the right foot. Promise to have personal interviews with your current or potential customers and understand their motivations. It’s better to just not start, that offer something that is not valuable to them. Think of all the time and effort you would lose if this was the case.

Be more current and updated with technology

It’s easy to get lost in technology and current times. The problem is, customers and habits also change. What was valuable for your customers two years ago, it may not be this year. One of the best new year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs, is to keep yourself updated with new technologies. Learn about new marketing trends, and which channels is your audience using now. Now everyone is on Instagram and Snapchat, tomorrow it may be totally different. Be current and updated with new tech is not only something you should decide one day of the year. It’s a constant work on understanding where your audience is, and where it will be next year.

Build something fast

Another problem most entrepreneurs face, is to take an excessive amount of time when planning and executing their product or service. And when you start selling online, this turns even worse as several entrepreneurs start getting lost in all the step needed to start. A great new year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs facing this challenge, is to promise themselves to act fast. This may mean, launching with something not completely ready (in start-up language, an MVP or Minimum Viable Product). One great resolution is to say, I’ll launch my first MVP in 2 months from now. Don’t aim for a full features offer, perhaps the project you have on your mind is easier when simplifying it.