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Add a subscription button to your website using PayForm

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Adding a subscription button to your website helps you in accepting regular payments to your website. This increases your business revenue and helps you retain customers. But, without coding skills, adding subscription features to your website can become a daunting task. In this article, we will to show you the easiest way to create subscription buttons in any section of your site using PayForm.

Why adding a subscription button to your website helps you boost conversions

It doesn’t matter if you have a website created in an editor like Wix, or uses a platform like WordPress. With PayForm you can add subscription features to any website without any hassle. Also, with this solution you don’t need to know advanced coding or programming as everything comes ready out of the box. For example, you can create a subscription button to accept subscriptions for your gym membership. Or also, you can create a simple subscription button for your classes or other personal services.

Users feel more comfortable with subscriptions also. Platforms like Netflix or Spotify have made common ground to accept recurrent subscriptions. For this reason, adding a subscription button helps you boost your income and power up your business.

How can I add subscription features to my site using PayForm?

You can easily add a subscription button to your site subscribing to PayForm. PayForm has a simple to use editor that helps you design and customize your subscription form.

subscription button
Create subscription buttons that direct to checkout forms easily in PayForm

After you complete your form design, you can easily use the following code to paste a subscription button in your website using your builder’s HTML editor. You can replace the XXXXXs with the address of the form you just created in PayForm.

<form action="">
  <button type="submit">Subscribe now</button>

Accept subscriptions in minutes using PayForm. You can easily start a 7-day free trial of PayForm to try all the features it has, without any obligation. Design beautiful forms that convert to sales.

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