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Business plan for non-profit guide and template

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Business plan for non-profit guide

If you ever needed to write a business plan for non-profit, this guide will help you achieve this goal. This outline shows the sections that you must include in the business plan for your non-profit. Take it as a template in order to complete this task.

A business plan for non-profit should start with an executive summary

An executive summary will present itself as the overview of the business plan. This will probably become the first thing the reader will see (and maybe, the only one). You should write this summary at the end, as during the writing process you will probably discover new things about your non-profit.

A draft can make you have a good idea of the general outline of your business plan, and you can revisit it several times. This will order your thoughts and make it easier to portray your ideas.

Services and outreach program

This section shows to your reader your mission, vision, and what your non-profit does. The best practice in this section includes all information possible. This includes the specific social program you will provide, how will your community benefit from it, and how you will provide this benefit.

Keep in mind that not all readers will know about your non-profit specifics. For this reason, try to keep this section understandable for everyone.

Market analysis

Providing an overview of the market shows knowledge of where your non-profit stands. This also has to include the actual reasons for your cause’s importance and show it in numbers. Show the potential people your cause will help and display it in quantities.

Business marketing plan for non-profit

Providing a comprehensive marketing plan will probably become the most important section of a business plan for non-profit. Outline all methods you will use to get donors.

Talking about donor retention becomes most important aspect in this section. Because of how competitive this task is, you should probably also outline the technologies and the method you will use to receive donations and keep them.

PayForm’s technology can keep your non-profit competitive, allowing you to create donation forms that convert. This also allows receiving recurring transactions a breeze and integrating it to platforms like Stripe and PayPal only takes one click.


In this section, you have to explain the internal processes that allow your non-profit to become competitive. This section basically becomes the inner engine of how your organization will work and can help explain all the details in its inner way of working.

Financial information of your business plan for non-profit

Finally, you should outline all financial information including all start-up and operational costs. You should also include your projected team expenses and how your non-profit will sustain itself

Final thoughts

Outlining a business plan for your non-profit will become an amazing way to understand the inner working of your organization. Having worked with hundreds of non-profits. churches and causes, we have seen that the most successful ones learn how to retain donors. Using technologies like recurring payments and donor letter automation, you can save lots of effort and increase your outreach.

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