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A new year comes, and with it comes new projects and endeavors. Of course, is specially important for entrepreneurs as the new year is a great moment to start fresh. New year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs have a special meaning. They can help you plan ahead everything you’re going to do next year. New year’s resolutions for […]

We’re proud to announce our new feature available to all users in all plans, Advanced options. You will now be allowed even more control about how subscriptions work in forms with recurring payments (trial periods and set-up fees), and how the form will behave after the payment is completed or rejected. Activate Advanced options To […]

We’re about to enter a new year, and 2017 has been a year full of changes for small businesses.  While this year has the year of the millenials, next year will be the year of the new generation Z. Live video interaction, social media interaction and new business models are part of the trends for […]

PayForm is a tool that allows anyone to create simple payment forms that can be embedded in any website or shared. But there’s a lot that you can do with PayForm! Im this article we’re going to show you great ways to get started in PayForm. Share your form directly on social media Did you […]

We wanted to wish you a merry holiday season 2017, and an amazing new year. For us, holiday season is about enjoying the moment with the people we love. For this reason we wanted to take a moment to give you not one, but two gifts that we hope will help you boost your business […]

Let’s face it, merchant accounts are not for everyone. Sometimes you may have a bad credit score, or perhaps you are trying to cut on banking fees. For whichever reason, there are more and more businesses that are dropping their old merchant accounts. As new technologies evolve, not it’s easier than ever to accept online […]

We’re proud to announce the launch of an open beta for our Zapier integration. The integration of PayForm and Zapier allows you to send all the data received in your PayForm to hundreds of applications. Connect PayForm to do amazing actions with your payment forms. For example, everytime you receive a payment, you can add […]

If you’re building a subscription based-business, or you already have a WordPress website and want to accept Stripe subscriptions in WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. In this hands-on article we will see how to accept subscriptions using Stripe in your website powered by WordPress using PayForm, Step by step on how to accept […]

Everybody loves Snapchat. It’s innovative nature and how content is ephemeral is great for person to person communication. But most marketers still haven’t found a way to find good Snapchat marketing ideas that untap this audience. In this article we’re going to see how small businesses and big brands use Snapchat to bring and retain […]

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