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Do you have a website made in WooCommerce? You are just starting with your business? If you don’t have sales yet, you need a solution that allows you to simulate live sales notifications for WooCommerce. In this article, we are going to talk about SocialProof, the best widget available to accomplish this task. And, we […]

Using advertising usually becomes the most obvious way to increase your number of gym members. But if you ran out of ideas, this article can help you get a fresh view on gym advertisement. Also, you can learn a couple of new tricks! Idea #1 – Use old-school flyers as an gym advertisement idea Do […]

If you ever needed to write a business plan for non-profit, this guide will help you achieve this goal. This outline shows the sections that you must include in the business plan for your non-profit. Take it as a template in order to complete this task. A business plan for non-profit should start with an […]

You have received a donation and now you need to thank your donor or donors. Sending thank you letters for donation will make people who collaborated more engaged with your cause and can make a difference between a normal donor and a recurrent one. In this article, we will show you some templates for these […]

When you need to receive online payments for your products or services, PayPal probably becomes your first choice. But when looking for alternatives to online payment methods like PayPal, some options may seem daunting and complicated. In this article, we will see the best alternative to PayPal. And probably, why you can still use PayPal […]

Have you been struggling with building a subscription website? Even if you are a web design pro, subscription websites have several difficulties that regular websites don’t. In this article, we are going to talk about the challenges of building a subscription website. And also, we are going to see why PayForm is the best solution […]

If you ever needed to create a registration form for events, chances are you have used solutions like Google Forms. But did you know that with PayForm you can create registration forms that accept payments? In this article, we are going to explore how you can create beautiful registration forms for events using the payment […]

By default, both payment forms can only be accessed using the domain, and a default subdomain in the case of member areas. On the Full plan and up, you can connect your own domain to PayForm in serve both, payment forms and member areas, from your own root domain or subdomain. In this article, […]

PayForm offers a simple way to protect the content you serve to your customers inside a Members Area. This way, only people who is currently paying for your product or service will be allowed to see this content. While you may needs some coding skills to implement this in your own website, we are also […]

If you ever wondered how you can accept recurring payments in Venmo, you need to read this article. Can accept monthly payments when using Venmo? What other options do I have to accept payments? Actually, using a simple workaround, you can accept recurring payments from your friends and customers. This not only includes Venmo but […]

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